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Opso Dubai

In 2019, OPSO Dubai embarked on a remarkable journey, marking the brand's first international expansion beyond the UK. Recently, it underwent a sweeping interior transformation, guided by the expertise of Bishop Design. Our mission was to completely reimagine Opso's identity, turning it into a versatile day-to-night destination. This transformation was achieved by skillfully blending various materials, harmonizing contrasting elements, such as the refined with the rugged, and balancing light and dark. We capitalized on these differences to create a harmonious synergy that offers a wide range of experiences. The spatial design incorporates layers through strategically placed seating areas and an abundance of lush greenery.

  • Client The Legacy Group
  • Location Dubai Mall, Dubai - UAE
  • Service Restaurants

Guests are welcomed by a tantalising 'peek-a-boo' moment, guided by a carefully curated fibre-optic starlit corridor that beckons them into the heart of the venue. On the opposite side, a visually mesmerising spectacle unfolds as LED lights adorn the columns and dance across the ceiling, saturating the space with vibrant energy. This dazzling display releases a cascade of colours and patterns, immediately immersing guests in an experience that transcends the palate, inviting them to savour not only the exquisite dishes but also the very essence of Opso itself, as it comes to life through every facet of the environment. 


In a city defined by innovation and drenched in competition, standing out is a formidable challenge. Bishop Design were an obvious decision for this project as we continue to challenge conventions and have the confidence to introduce fresh, innovative concepts, a spirit Opso embodies.


OPSO - a place to wonder, enjoy and experience. 


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