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Established in 1984 by Gino Santin, Santini is one of the oldest family-run restaurants in London, now run by Laura Santini. Italians are renowned for celebrating family which is demonstrated through a carefully curated menu referred to as ‘Signature Dishes’ by Laura, who is considered to be one of the world’s leading flavorists. It pays homage to her fathers legacy. We have worked closely with the brand in their latest expansion to Saudi Arabia. Set within the new development Laysen Valley, we were inspired by Santini’s vision where intimacy plays a central role, inviting clients to get comfortable for dinner in what feels like their own space. One of the main details of the interior styling is inspired by Santini’s signature brand mark - the artichoke. As clients move further inside, they begin to sense the artichoke element through its abstracted forms, such as the curvature of the door handles.

  • Client Advanced Tastes
  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Service Restaurants

A clear synergy between each area is formed as grey hues provide a canvas for colorful accents to stand forefront of the space. Metallic accents encompass intricate detailing throughout the venue, elevating the overall mood and aesthetic.  An open kitchen allowing guests to engage with their surroundings. The furnishings are primarily group focused with high-back booths and stretches of banquettes positioned on top of oversized polished concrete tiles.


The design gives a fresh form of life to the Santini brand in this promising new location. Through the exploration of different materials, intricate detailing, and raw textures, a simplistic beauty is achieved.


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