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Nooa Multiple Award Winner

Nooa, meaning ‘perfectly natural’, was presented to us by the Client, who asked us to create a new restaurant concept with inspiration deriving from South African roots. Born in the heart of Rooibos Land, the idea was to focus on the natural beauty that Southern Africa has to offer. Through the use of coupling raw materials with heritage detailing, the South African culture and atmosphere was accentuated. Paying tribute to the natural land that has provided for man since the beginning of time, stepping into Nooa is like teleporting to the beautiful city of Cape Town, one becomes immediately mesmerized by an assortment of striking visual attractions that beautifully portray the city, carefully curated to lure guests into the experience.

  • Client Advanced Tastes
  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Service Restaurants


Simplistic in its nature, we elevated the aesthetic through mixed media flooring solutions, where alluring surfaces combine mixtures of raked and polished marble which contrast with the wood finishes to define spatial zones within. Radiating natural beauty and minimalistic detailing, travelling through the restaurant becomes a desirable quest for guests as there is something to be admired in every corner. Driven by the Clients vision, we wanted every element of the venue, no matter how big or small, to be a clear representation of the inspiration behind the design without being too literal. We intelligently executed this through the use of quaint accessories, an earthy palette and joinery displays. Large, monochromatic wall art displaying safari animals entices guests as they start to notice the complements of accessories, textures, finishes and finite detailing that is showcased around the venue.  


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